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Thursday, December 15, 2016


Welcome to the new blog for the Institute on Metropolitan Opportunity. Based at the University of Minnesota Law School, the Institute investigates the ways that laws, policies and practices affect development patterns in U.S. metropolitan regions, with a particular focus on civil rights and the growing social and economic disparities within regions.

Through top-level scholarship, mapping and advocacy, the Institute provides the resources that policymakers, planning officials and community organizations need to address reform in taxation, land use, housing, metropolitan governance and education.

Myron Orfield, a professor at the University of Minnesota Law School and one of the country's foremost authorities on metropolitan governance, directs the Institute on Metropolitan Opportunity, working with leading environmental and criminal justice law faculty.

This blog will be periodically updated with our observations on school, housing, and regional policy, both in Minnesota and around the nation. Stay tuned!

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